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Multimedia presentation
A multimedia presentation differs from a normal presentation in that it contains some form of animation or media. Typically a multimedia presentation contains at least one of the following elements:
    * Video or movie clip
    * Animation
    * Sound (this could be a voice-over, background music or sound clips)
    * Navigation structure

Choice of multimedia presentation Technology
The first – and hardest – part is to choose the Technology for your presentation. The choice comes down to two main contenders, Adobe Flash or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Adobe Flash
Flash allows you to create presentations where you can build in powerful animation. It also has very good video compression Technology.

Make an impact with multimedia presentations

Interactive multimedia presentations are an excellent method of providing high impact audio/visual communication with your audience.

Whether you use this to play at an exhibition or conference or sent to your customers by post, the results can be extremely impressive.

Incorporating video, music, animation and voice overs in various languages, interactive multimedia presentations can be sent on a specially created Business card size CD Rom, or downloaded from your website.

ADVTSOFTWARESERVICES will work with you to scope the content required to ensure the communication of the right message.

We will then produce all the content, design the Biz card CD-ROM and packaging and burn the finished product onto the Biz card CD-ROM.

ADVTSOFTWARESERVICES has provided interactive multimedia presentation solutions to a range of clients.

Let ADVTSOFTWARESERVICES provide your business with the right Multimedia presentation solution that can be used for:

    * Product catalogues
    * Training, education & development
    * Exhibitions
    * Speaker support at conferences
    * Product or service demonstration
    * Press packs
    * Company results
    * Company brochures

ADVTSOFTWARESERVICES can design and build your multimedia presentation in:

    * Microsoft PowerPoint
    * Macromedia Flash
    * Macromedia Director
    * Our bespoke presentation builder

Finally, many presentation are developed specifically to run on an intranet or extranet.
Let ADVTSOFTWARESERVICES find the best solution for your Business.

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